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Can I get parental benefits if I have used it in another country?

Maternity pay if you move to Sweden with a baby (Original title)


I have a Swedish passport and personnumber but my Swedish is rusty.

I am currently pregnant and planning on moving back to Sweden when my baby is 6 months old.  I think my UK maternity benefit ends if I leave the UK permanently. Will I be entitled to Swedish maternity pay when I arrive in Sweden?

Will the number of days I receive in Sweden depend on the number of days I was paid SMP in England?

I may be able to move to Sweden when I am 7/8 months pregnant and work remotely for my UK company. Will I receive Swedish maternity pay instead of UK maternity pay?

My UK monthly income changes each month depending on the hours I work. Will they add together all my income from all jobs for the 6 months before I give birth to work out my Swedish maternity pay?

I want to visit my parents (overseas) for xmas and will be away for 2 months (30 hours travelling to get to their town). I will still have to pay rent and have bills in Sweden so I am trying to work out a budget. Will maternity benefits stop when I leave Sweden to go on holiday to visit family?


  • Hello,

    When you will be back to Sweden, you need to visit Skatteverket first and register your current residence in Sweden (folkbokföring).

    When you have been living abroad you also need to register yourself again at Försäkringskassan. In order to do that please send us application 5456 which you can download and print out from our website. Together with this application send us the copy of your employment contract.

    In Sweden, per child parents are entitled for a total of 480 paid days. If either you or other parent received any parental benefit from another country, we would need a document from that country that states how many days of parental benefit and how much money you have received. After we have got those information we will coordinate your parental benefit that you got abroad with the Swedish benefit. This means that we might take away some of the parental benefit days that you have received from another country from the Swedish amount.

    When you move to Sweden and work for your UK company, it does not immediately mean that you will get parental benefit from Sweden. When you still pay taxes in UK and your employer pays your social expenses in UK, you might still be part of the UK social insurance system and then not be entitled to Swedish parental benefits.

    When you are going on holidays outside of EU, then you still can have the right to get parental benefits as long as you are registered as a resident of Sweden (folkbokförd) and that after that time you are planning to return to Sweden.

    Regarding the information of your income and on which level you can receive your parental benefits from Sweden, please contact our call center on 0771 524 524.

    Best regards,

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