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Maternity leave less than 7 days per week

Hi ,
I am currently working full time since 14 May 2018 , my due date is 10 Feb . I will need to be with my baby 7 days per week , can i claim for 4 days a week to försakringkassan  to be able to stretch my maternity days ? can my employer reject this ? should i report the same to my employer ?

Thanks .
Nancy .


  • Hi;

    It is possible to take out full-time parental leave without applying for the benefit from Försäkringskassan for the same time or at the same level. Just make sure you inform your employer about this beforehand.

    In general, it is important to bear in mind the rules of qualifying income (SGI) when it comes to being on parental leave without full-time parental benefit. As long as you do this less than six months before or one year after the birth of the child, there are no limitations.

    However, if you were to take full-time parental leave without full-time benefit after your child's first birthday, your qualifying income could be affected. So if you are considering doing that in the future you should contact us so we may tell you about the rules in your specific case.

    Best regards

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