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Maintenance please - Swedish children live in africa

Good morning. Please could I ask for your assistance. My ex-husband lives in Sweden and our two children live with me in Zimbabwe. When we separated many years ago we went through lawyers here in Zimbabwe and an agreement was signed by both of us as to how out two boys were to be supported until such time as they were fully educated and earning their own income. But for about 3 years now the boys father has been paying less and less for the boys and now pays no maintenance for them at all (he tells me that the tax authority in Sweden has blocked his payments - but I have contacted the tax authority there and they have no knowledge of any such issue). The tax authority suggested i contact you and maybe get a lawyer involved to sort this out. Our original document we both signed split the responsibilities as such - I have legal guardianship of the two boys, their father was ordered to, and agreed, to pay US$600 per boy in maintenance (home rental and living expenses in Zimbabwe are high), their educational costs (education in Zimbabwe is very expensive) and I was to take care of medical insurance and costs. Today he is only paying the educational costs (and he is not even covering the full cost per month) for one of the boys (not for both as per our legal agreement), and he is not paying any maintenance for either of the boys at all.
Please let me know how I can sort this out as it has negatively affected boys my boys education and also their living standards.
Please contact me as soon as possible.
With thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.


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