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Which information should the doctor's certificate include when applying for sickness benefit?

Läkare intyg (original title)

Im on a paid vacation outside of Sweden and I got sick and couldn't back to work on time I have a certificate from an authorized medical center here
I want to know is there any specific requirements for the läkare intyg from outside Sweden to be recognized for försäkringskassan
Note: I'm in Gaza strip where there is no Swedish embassy


  • Hello Hamza,

    When applying for sickness benefit from Försäkringskassan, the doctor's certificate should include information about the patient's illness and medical status, information about medical journals and examinations, as well as how the doctor has made their assessment on the medical status based on these. In addition, the certificate should include the doctor's assessment on how the illness effects the patient's ability to work.

    Kind regards,

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