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Is it possible to register an account for my payments if I'm not the main account holder?

Joint bank account (Original title)


after applying for parental benefit I got notification that my joint bank account, which I share together with my husband, would not be working. Even if he is the main account-holder my name is equally registered and connected to that bank account. Why is it not possible to use such a joint bank account or is that a mistake? Do I need to give an authorization that my husband is allowed to receive the money?

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  • Hello,

    It looks like the problem is that your husband stands as the main account holder and not you.

    If you still would like to receive the money on your joined account, you would need to fill in a form 5606 „Fullmakt – Utbetalning till en annan person”.

    Please call our Customer Support on 0771 524 524( press 8 to get help in English), to receive information regarding your specific case and order the form.

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