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Is it necessary to provide a proof of deregistration from other EU country while working in Sweden?


It is indicated in the registration form that one must submit a proof that he or she is not anymore covered in terms of healthcare in the other country they have lived in. What type of proof are you looking to obtain? If it is a European country and one works / lives in Sweden for the past year or so - does it not automatically indicate that that person does not receive any coverage in the country of his origin?

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  • Hello,

    if a person moves to Sweden from another EU country and starts working here for a Swedish employer from the first day, then it is not necessary to provide a proof of deregistration from that other EU country.

    If, for example, a person moves to Sweden and is still unemployed or first has been looking for work for few months and then became employed, it would most likely be necessary to provide a proof of deregistration from an EU country where the person moved from to live in Sweden.

    That depends on a fact that while not employed but living in Sweden a person can still be covered by insurance in another country. That can be based on a fact that the person is receiving a benefit from that country or the insurance there has simply not been terminated right away and been valid for first few weeks or months of living in Sweden. In cases like that we would not be able to register that person from the first day when he or she came to Sweden but instead from the day when the insurance in the other country stopped being valid.

    The proof that we are asking for in such situations is a certificate issued by an insurance agency in the other EU country on which it is stated that the person is no longer covered by insurance and the date of last day of coverage is listed.

    Best regards,

    Natalia Specialist

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