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Does my EU card cover medical costs if I want to give birth in another EU country?

insured in Sweden - give birth in another EU country (Original title)

I live and work in Sweden, but my husband lives and works in another EU country. I am 10-week pregnant, and would like to know what I should do in order to give birth in another EU country, and pay as the locals of that country would. I have read that there is a EU regulation in order to acquire health services into another EU country (Directive 24/2011), for which it is possible to request a prior authorization to the country where I am insured: upon authorization, the country in question should issue a certificate that could be used for the health services related to the pregnancy and delivery. On Forsakringkassan's website, and by speaking on the phone to the customer service, I was instead told that I should request "health treatments" abroad by using the S2 application form, which is (as far as I understand) a more demanding procedure. More precisely: (i) I was told that I should provide evidence of the "disease" for which I ask cure abroad, but I won't get a certificate of pregnancy until the 18th week of pregnancy; (ii) the authorization process can take 3 months, meaning that if I send my request immediately after the 18th week I could get a reply by the 30th week, which may be late to take any flights to reach the other country (usually, pregnant women above 28th week cannot flight); (iii) as far as I understand from the website, the S2 application can be requested for reasons related to waiting time in the country of insurance, but this is not at all my case, because I would like to give birth in the other EU country for purely personal reasons (my husband and my family live there, and cannot travel to reach me at the time of the delivery). Thus, what should I do in order to be sure that I could receive the proper exams/treatments for the final month of pregnancy and for delivery in another EU country? Thanks a lot.


  • Hi Ylenia,

    The European Health Insurance Card entitles you to the necessary medical care while you are in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland. However, if the only reason for your stay in the other EU-country is to have your baby over there, the European Health Insurance Card could be refused by that clinic in that country. So if you want to make sure that all your costs are covered then you will have to make arrangements like the planned Medical treatment (S2)before travelling to the other European country.

    Best regards,
  • Hi Ylenia,

    I would very much like to know if this worked out for you as I would also like to give birth in another EU-country.

    Thank you!
  • Hi, eventually it worked fine but I did not do the S2 application: I gave birth in a public hospital and the health insurance card could not be refused. Good luck!

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