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Income from abroad for parental benefits


I am from a non-EU country but, currently, live and work in Finland, with a residence permit and covered by the Finnish social security.
My work will require me to move to Sweden for 2 years, after that I will return to Finland. My wife recently found out that she is pregnant and the birth will take place while we are at Sweden. My employment contract is through Finland and I will continue receiving through Finland even during my stay in Sweden (the taxes will be paid in Sweden or transferred to Sweden - I don't really know how that works, but my employer will take care fo it). We will have the personal number and the residence permits.
My question is, will we be able to receive the parental benefits in Sweden based on my income paid on Finland? I will register my move to Sweden but I will continue receiving my salary through Finland. How would that work? Of course my employer in Finland will also has to stop payime me during the time of the parental leave, but I just want to know if this is possible.
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  • Hi;

    If you are sent to Sweden by a Finnish employer you should contact the Finnish authorities and apply for an A1-certificate. They will then decide if you should be socially insured in Sweden or in Finland for the duration of your work here. If you are socially insured in Finland during the time you work in Sweden it is Finland that should pay your parental benefits.

    If the Finnish authorities decide that you should be insured in Sweden during your work placement, you would be eligible for parental benefits here instead. But the first step is for the Finnish authorities to study your case, so I would recommend you to contact them.

    Best regards

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