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I cannot reach Forsakringkassan through 077 1524524 because instructions are all in Swedish


I received a mail that I should give update about my sick leave, but when I tried to call 0771524524, all the guidance for which key/extension number (click 1 or 2 or ...) are in Swedish. When I was trying to press 2 it said press some button for English speaking but then the Swedish autoguidance continues. I also tried 0101125080 but also auto reply. I made the calls during working hours on 07th Jan so it is not a holiday.

I only speak English and cannot understand Swedish. Please advise how should I contact you through 0771524524 or do you have email address for sending email?
Please give me a call if possible or give me an email reply, thanks

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  • Hello Hang,
    thank you for your post.
    When you call our customer center at 0771 524 524, wait for the recorded message and then you press #8 to get connected to the English speaking line.
    Kind regards,
    Fredrik Administrative officer
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