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How to transfer "lägstanivå" of Parental leave to other parent ?

How can I transfer "lägstanivå" of Parental leave to other parent ?
Is this possible online with e-legitimation or Can I get link to the form which I can fill in and transfer my remaining "lägstanivå" days to my wife


  • Hello,

    if you would like to transfer days of parental leave (Föräldrapenning) to the other parent, you can do that electronically through our website by logging in to Mina sidor (My Pages). When logged in, you can choose from the list to the left an option called Mina tjänster (My services) and then choose from the list Föräldrapenning and then Avstå dagar.

    Under option Min föräldrapenning (My parental leave) you can check how many days of parental leave you have left for each child, on which level those days are and how many are available to be transferred to the other parent.

    Best regards,

    Natalia Administrative officer
  • Hello

    I want to transfer my parental leave to my wife. I ran through the flow shared above. But I did not see any option to see or enter my wife's personal number so that I could transfer the days to her.

    Has the process changed for transferring leaves? Can you please guide me in detail.

    I do see on my page option for e-services and then remaining balance of available leaves, however, no option as such to transfer leaves.

  • Hi;

    Yes, the layout has varied slightly since Natalia's reply.

    Now it's best to log in to your pages, then scroll down to the option alla e-tjänster (all online services), and on the next page expand the menu for Förälder (parents). Once you've done that you will see a list of blue buttons with different services for parents, and you want to click on the one that reads avstå dagar (transfer days).

    This will take you to the online form where you can transfer days to the other parent by filling in the details of the child and the other parents. Once you sign your application we will process it as soon as possible.

    Best regards;
  • Hi, I have personal number but do not have BankID, so I can not use the e-service to transfer the parents allowance days to my wife. Is there another way to do it?
    Louis Xu

  • Hello,

    You can fill in 7470 form and send it to us instead. You can find more information about parental benefits here.

    Remember that the Swedish Social Insurance Agency has limited abilities to answer questions relating to individual cases on this forum. We therefore ask you to contact our customer center if you have questions related to individual cases, by calling telephone number 0771 524524 and press 8 to get connected to the English line.

    Best regards,

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