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How to calcuate annual income?

Hello. Me and my husband want to take our dubble days. My husband works. Which incomes does he need to put to calculate how much money per day. The income for the year 2019 or the income from January 2020 till now? He doesn't have a fix wage, he works hourly. Thank you

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  • Hello,

    If your husband has different salaries then he should add together the last 6 months salaries and multiply by 2 to receive the full years income.
    He should calculate the annual working time the same way.

    For example:

    Salary from (januari + februari + march + april + may + june) x 2 = annual income

    Working hours from (januari + februari + march + april + may + june) x 2 = annual worktime in hours.

    Best Regards,
    Barbara Administrative officer
  • He will apply now and will receive the money in September. So his annual income is   Salary (march+april+may+june+july+august) × 2  ??? Am I right? Also he recieved money from a-kassa (cause of coronavirus) . Do we also need to add it? Tack
  • Hello,

    If your husband has worked for six months in a row before taking parental benefit add up those months of work.
    If your husband has been unemployed and now wants to take parental benefit instead of a-kassa you can calculate the annual income based on the salaries before his unemployment.

    The case officer will process his case and investigate what SGI (sickness benefit qualifying income) he has right to.

    If you are still unsure of how to calculate the annual income you can call our Costumer Center on 0771 524 524, press "8" for English.
    Our opening hours are Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

    Best Regards,
    Barbara Administrative officer
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