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How is the child registered when it's born?

How does child get registered? (Original title)

I read most of the pages but it doesn't say how the child gets registered?
Do we go to the Försäkringkassan personally or is it done at the hospital...or?


  • Hello Mark,
    thank you for your post.
    If you are not married when the child is born, the pregnant parent will get all the days of parental leave and sole custody of the child.
    In order for the other parent to be a legal guardian of the child and get his/her parental leave days, you need to go to the local municipality (kommunen) to confirm the paternity/parenthood.
    If you are married, we normally get the information automatically once the child is born. If you have a Bank-ID, you can log on to Mina Sidor to see if the information about the child has been updated after the birth.
    Kind regards,

    Fredrik Administrative officer
  • Hello,

    I am an asylum seeker and I gave birth to my son here in sweden and living alone with him. I would like to ask how I can register my baby  for Försäkringkassan. Thnks
  • Hello Isange!

    Thank you for your question! You may need to have the residence permit in order for your child to be registered in Försäkringskassan. You can read more general information about social insurance here

    Best regards, 
    Adem Administrative officer

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