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Home office work in Sweden - employed by an Australian company


I've moved to Sweden this March. I'm working home office as an employer of an Australian IT company.

Meanwhile I possess Swedish Personnummer and ID, and I'm paying taxes in Sweden.

(My employer and I hold an agreement that I pay all taxes and social fees on my own responsibility in the country where I'm situated.)

What way, and there do I pay my social security contribution in Sweden? (I suspect that the tax I'm paying does not cover any insurance as health insurance or pension?)
What would be the modus operandi to pay contributions to försäkringskassan?

Tusen tack för Ert hjälp!



  • Hello,

    You are covered by the Swedish health insurance once you receive Swedish personal number (personnummer) from the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

    In order to get more information about social contributions, contact Skatteverket. More information in Swedish you can find here.

    If you have questions concerning your pension, please contact Pensionsmyndigheten here.

    Best regards,

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