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How and when do I notify Försäkringskassan if I stay at home with an ill child?

Notify about sick Child (Original title)

my daughter she is 9 year old she is ill today i did inform her school my qustion is am i must inform försakringkassan or not
thank you very much


  • Hi;

    If you need to miss a day of work to look after your daughter, you should inform us on the first day that she becomes sick. You can do this here. Once you go back to work you can log into your pages and apply for care of child allowance (VAB) for the days of work you missed.

    If you are participating in an activity program or an establishment plan (aktivitetsstöd or etableringsplan) and you have to stay at home to look after your daughter, you need to inform Arbetsförmedlingen on the same day.

    Otherwise you do not need to notify us if your daughter becomes sick. If you have more questions about this you may contact us on 0771-524 524 (choice '8' for English).

    Best regards;

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