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How is my income calculated if I own my company (handelsbolag)?

Handelsbolag company and child care (Original title)


I am running a handelsbolag company with my partner. What are the rules concerning 10 days off for the child birth if one is running a company and how can one calculate how much one is getting paid for those 10 days as the salaries are not fixed in Handelsbolag company?


  • Hi!

    If you have a handelsbolag then your payments are normally based on the income of the company itself. In this case you provide information on the income that the company declares in its tax report to Skatteverket.

    However, if the company was established less than 24 months ago, we will calculate your income based on how much an employee with similar work tasks, education level and experience would receive.

    As soon as you make your application we will be in touch if we need any further information, and we will make a calculation so that you get payments based on the right income. You may find more information in English on this link.

    Best regards;
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the info.

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