Giving birth abroad

Dear Försakeringskassan,

I just found myself in a rather unusual situation and i need your support to resolve it.
Along with my with family (my wife and a 2 years old child) we moved to Sweden from another EU country and became permanent residents of the country in May, 2017.
I was and still am employed by a Swedish company while my wife stayed at home to take care of our son. Now she is expecting our second child who will supposedly be born in April, 2019.
In the meantime unfortunately my mother-in-law was diagnosed with a terminal disease and requires continuous assistance so we temporarily had to move back to our home country (EU) to take care of her until the situation resolves.
I applied for parental leave during this period (since Dec, 2018) to take care of our son while my wife assists her mother.
Despite of our original intention to return to Sweden to give birth to our second baby now it's certain that the child will be born here.
Is there any process defined for such circumstances?
According to the information received from the local authorities in our home country giving birth is not part of the emergency health services hence it is not financially covered by the EHIC card. Can you reconfirm or disprove this statement please?
Since we returned we paid for all pregnancy related medical check-up ourselves but the expected fee of giving birth would be quite high especially considering that we are actually socially insured in Sweden.
I am currently still employed in Sweden and we are planning to return once the situation resolves so unregistering ourselves from the Swedish administration is not an option. As far as we are aware one can only be socially insured in 1 EU country at the time hence my wife can't be registered here locally either.
Can you tell us about the options we have? Unfortunately we are running out of ideas and time.
Is there a way to give birth in one's home country while being registered and insured in Sweden? Would the special situation of my mother-in-law justify an exceptional management of our case?
Thank you very much for your kind answer and support in advance,

Yours faithfully,

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  • Hello,

    The European Health Insurance Card entitles you to the necessary medical care while you are in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland. However, if the only reason for your stay in the other EU-country is to have your baby over there, the European Health Insurance Card could be refused by that clinic in that country. So if you want to make sure that all your costs are covered then you will have to make arrangements like the planned Medical treatment (S2)before travelling to the other European country. You can find more information here.

    We have limited abilities to answer questions on our forum relating to individual cases. We therefore ask you to call us on 0771-524 524 if you have more questions, so that we can help you and answer your questions.

    Our telephone lines are open the following hours:
    Monday - Friday 08.00 am -16.00 pm

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