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General Questions on Sickness Benefits


I have been researching through försäkringskassan and have a few general questions if I may.

1. When I log in to My Pages I see that no other information than my address is populated. As far as I understand My Income and Employer will be populated once I apply for sickness benefit but should I fill in the rest of the information even before I apply for anything?

2. I did not clearly understand what SGI is. Is this just an evaluation of my annual income is sufficient to get a sickness benefit? As far as I understand I can't apply for any sickness benefit if earn less than 10900 SEK a year and if I earn more than 341200 SEK only the amount that sums up to this limit will be included in benefit calculations. Is there anything else that I am missing here?

3. As far as I understand after the 14th day of my illness my employer reports my sickness to Försäkringskassan and after that, I have to apply for sickness benefit myself via My Pages. Is that right? So applying for benefit is something that I need to do myself, not my employer. Is that correct?

4. If someone is entitled to special high-risk protection, does that change the amount paid to the person who is ill? Is it just about Försäkringkassan's compensation for my employer and (in some cases) the person being ill is can skip the "qualifying period"?

Sorry for the long post, have been looking at the website for quite a while now and thought better to ask every question in my mind at once.



  • Hi;

    1. You can update information such as your telephone number, contact details or bank account number in the website if you'd like. However, you can also update that information at the same time as you apply for a benefit, on the same application form. You can choose how to do it.

    2. Your understanding is generally correct. Your SGI is your qualifying income, that is the income we use to calculate how much we can pay you if you for example require parental benefit or sickness benefit. This is normally equivalent to your annual salary, but in some cases it can be more or less than your salary.

    3. That is correct. Your employer notifies us of the fact that you have been sick for 14 days, and after that you have to log in to your pages and apply for sickness benefit.

    4. If someone is entitled to special high-risk protection s/he may be able to skip the qualifying period. However, the actual payments are still calculated in the same way as for others.

    Best regards;

  • Hej!
    Jag har varit sjuk från före måndag och genom tiden blev det värre och värre. Jag bokat tid för att göra corona test på fredag, och resultat visad idag att jag testade postivt för COVID 19. Vilket gör att jag kan inte jobba för en till vecka. Vad kommer hända nu?

  • Hello Numan,

    Thank you for your post! This is a public forum where we reply only to questions in English. Therefore, we advice you to contact our customer center in swedish by calling to 0771 524 524.

    Our telephone lines are open the following hours:

    Monday – Friday 8.00 am — 4.00 pm

    Best regards,
    Adem Administrative officer

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