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Extension of work contract, renew E106

I am registered at Försäkringskassan due to my work for a Swedish employer until summer. I got E106 as I am living in another EU country. My contract would expire this summer, but has been extended as I will be on parental leave for some months. Now, I would like to extend the insurance status in line with my extended work contract.
Do I have to fill out the form 5456 (registration) again? Or is it sufficient to send the request for E106 (form 5435) with a copy of my extended work contract?
I would also like to extend the EU insurance card. Is there an additional form to request an extension of the EU health insurance card?

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  • Hi;

    If you already have an E106 certificate from us and you want to extend it, you just need to send us form 5435 with a copy of the new work contract and your latest payslip. Write on the form that you wish to receive a new EU-card so that we can send it to your address abroad.

    Best regards;

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