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Can someone who receives pension from another EU country get access to the Swedish health system?

EU Pensionist Health care system (Original title)

My grandmother has a pension from Portugal, so she can subsist for herself. In Portugal she has access to the public health system. She is moving to Sweden with me and asking for residence here. Will she be granted a personnummer and have access to the health system here?

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  • Hello,

    A pensioner who is receiving pension from one EU country and moving to another EU country, can request certificate which would give him or her right to health care in the country where they plan on living. This means that if your grandmother receives pension from Portugal and wants to move to Sweden, she should contact the institution in Portugal to request a certificate that would give her right to health care in Sweden. The certificate should always be issued by the country that pays out the pension and later registered in the country where the pensioner is living.

    If you have questions about personal number (personnummer), you should contact Skatteverket.

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