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Employed with sick pay or without?

How to know if im employed with sick pay or without? I got injury at work yesterday. My hand is broken, so what should i do now ? I have Läkarintyg from doctor. Can i scan and send to employer's office via email, because the office is far away.


  • Hello!

    You have to contact your employer to know if he or she will be paying you sick pay (sjuklön) or not. There is no general rule and it depends on your contract. You should also contact your employer to know of they will accept the scan of document from the doctor send by en email.

    If your hand is broken and you would like to apply for sickness benefit, please read more information in English here on what the procedure is.

    No matter if you are employed with sick pay or without, you should still send us the document from the doctor (läkarintyg) if you are sick longer than 7 days. It is not employer's responsibility to do it.

    Best regards,
    Natalia Specialist

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