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Can I be paid for participating in introduction programme and parental days at the same time?

Double paid (Original title)

Good day:

Some times my teacher in the languages school SFI tells us that he will not come tomorrow,  so I remain home with my kids and apply for parantal benefit at that day.

Am I going to be paid both : the parantal benefit and the ( etablering ersättning) since being absent from school is not my choice?


  • Hello!

    If you apply for parental benefit, you cannot receive etableringsersättning for the same time.

    It is advisable to contact your case officer (handläggare) at Arbetsförmedlingen to ask if during those days when you do not go to school, you would still be entitled to the payment of etableringsersättning. You receive the payment from Försäkringskassan but it is your case officer (handläggare) at Arbetsförmedlingen who decides how much money you should receive and for which days.

    If your case officer at Arbetsförmedlingen confirms that you could receive payment of etableringsersättning for those days, then there is no need to apply for parental benefit.

    Best regards,
    Natalia Specialist

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