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Documents in support of Bostadsbidrag application?


I would like to know where do you upload documents in support of your application for bostadsbidrag? Like the "hyresavi" and hyrskontrakt etc.
Also where would one find previously uploaded documents with a previous application?

Zeeshan Khaliq Report inappropriate content


  • Hello Zeeshan;

    If you are applying for housing benefit on our website, you will be able to attach documents in section 7 of the application, under the heading "Lägg till bilagor". Please note that if you live together with your partner you may not apply online, and have to fill in form 5096 and attach paper copies of other documents instead.

    Previously uploaded documents can often be found on Mina Sidor under "Alla ärenden" (all cases), together with the application that you made. However, remember that if you are applying for housing benefit for the same address where you currently receive this benefit, you do not need to send all documents again. It is enough for you to fill in the application form and, in case your rent has increased since your last application, send us a rent specification that shows the new amount.

    This is just a general answer, but if you need more information about your specific case you can call us on 0771-524 524.

    Best regards;


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