Dental care

Hello, I need to consult a dentist for an essential care. I am from Italy and will live for a few months in Sweden (in Linköping). I have an EU social insurance card. The question is if I can go to hospital for sanitary assistance or if I should consult a private dental center. Thank you.


  • Hello,

    If you move to Sweden from other EU/EES country for a short period of time and you do not work in Sweden the following would apply:

    - you only have to pay the standard patient fee to receive necessary Healthcare if you have EU card.
    - In Sweden, there is no fixed patient fee for dental care. But, if you come from another EU/EES country or from Switzerland, you are entitled to necessary dental care under the same terms as those who live in Sweden. When you seek dental care, you must present a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

    Providers that are connected to the public healthcare system can accept EU-cards.

    Best regards,

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