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Dental Care

I am from Turkey. I have been living in Sweden for 2,5 years. I am a full time employee since September. I received dental care yesterday and today which in total cost SEK 6,000. I payed the whole amount. My dentist is working with Forsakringskassan. I filled the form 5456  online today and provided my residence permit and work contract. If my case is accepted and if I am registered in Forsakringskassan, can I be eligible for the high cost protection for the services I received today and yesterday? If so, how can I receive the help/refund?


  • Hello!

    Firstly, you should be registered at Försäkringskassan for you to be eligible for the high cost protection. After the registration, Försäkringskassan will pay the high cost protection to the dentist if the dentist registered your dental treatment at Försäkringskassan. This means that you will not receive any refund directly from Försäkringskassan rather the amount will be allocated to dentist instead.
    You can also contact your dentist for more information about the refund for your high cost protection.

    For information please see here

    Best regards,
  • Hi,
    The dentist registered my dental treatment at Försäkringskassan. Will Försäkringskassan allocate the amount to the dentist once I am registered? (I applied yesterday, and the registered treatment was yesterday and the day before) As you suggested, can I get a refund from my dentist after this?
  • Hi;

    It is dentists who are responsible for applying high cost protection. Once you are registered with us you can contact your dentist and ask if it is possible to get a reimbursement.

    Best regards;
  • Hej!

    I went to the dentist last week (Folktandvården), and because I'm registered in Sweden for the past 2,5 years I should have some money that I can 'deduct' from the total price (1400kr). Apparently, I'm still not registered at Försäkringskassan whilst I thought I was. Which form should I fill in to be registered and will it be possible to deduct the money from there and get whatever amount back?
    Also, I'm not pleased with the service I got, what can I do about it?
  • Hello,

    We have at the moment very long processing time for registration cases. If you already have sent the form for registration 5456 and is not yet registered, it can be due to the long processing time.

    Since it is a public forum, it is difficult for us to answer to questions regarding specific cases. We therefore ask you to contact our customer center if you have questions relating to your specific case by calling telephone number 0771 524524 and press 8 to get connected to the English line

    Our telephone lines are open the following hours:

    Monday – Friday 8.00am — 4.00 pm,

    Best regards,
  • Hi,

    How can I make sure if I am allowed to use Försäkringskassan help for my dental treatments?

    I had an appointment with a dental last week and based on initial checks it turn out that my complete treatment plan will cost around 7000 SEK which includes filling 3 tooth and dental hygienist as well...
  • Hi,
    For one to be eligable to dental support, they have to be registred with Försäkringskassan. If you not sure whether you are registred or not, you can contact us on our openning hours Monday-Friday 08:00 am - 04:00pm.

    Best regards,

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