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How is my annual income calculated if I have a limited company (aktiebolag)?

Definition of annual income (Original title)

I am owning an AB here in Sweden and have a question regarding how the föräldreprenning is calculated.
It says “based on annual income” on your website. Which year is that referring to? My due date is in August 2019. Would the year to calculate the föräldreprenning be 2018?


  • Hello,
    Thank you for your post.

    If you have a limited company (AB), you are counted as an employee of your own company. This means that your parental benefit will be based on the salary you have taken out from the company.

    You need to calculate your income for 2019, not for 2018 if your due date is in August 2019. So, if you have the same salary every month, you can simply multiply your monthly salary with 12 to find out your annual income.

    Best regards,
    Özge Administrative officer
  • Hello,

    Thanks so much, that makes sense.

    My salary is different every month, depending on how many clients we have that month.
    I am also planning to reduce my hours and earn less and go on leave one month before the baby is born, how would that affect the calculation?

    Thanks so much!

  • Hello again,

    When you are pregnant, you can either stop working completely or work fewer hours, starting six months before your baby is due , without lowering your sickness benefit qualifying income.

    Best regards,

    Özge Administrative officer

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