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Child allownce for new born in Sweden

I and my wife have valid residence. Around four month ago we got a child born in sweden. We applied for residence for our child but we just got the residence for our child now. During the past four months we did not receive the child allowance. Will we get the child allownce for the previous four months? we were in Sweden during this period and our (parents) residence is still valid.
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  • Hi,

    In general, Child allowance is paid earliest one month after the birth date or in your case, the date your child is considered as resident in Sweden, namely the date you applied for residence permit for your child.

    However, the first payment can be delayed if you are not registered on Försäkringskassan since before. You do the registration by filling out this form (5456). If you already have filled out the form for the registration, you do not need to do that again.

    We have limited abilities to answer questions relating to individual cases on this forum. If you need more specific answer to your question, we recommend you to contact our customer center at the telephone number 0771-524 524 and press 8 to get connected to the English line.

    Our telephone lines are open the following hours:
    Monday – Friday: 8.00am - 4.00 pm.

    For more information please visit our webpage

    Best regards,

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