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What is needed to be able to apply for child allowance?

Child allowance, EU health insurance card, etc. questions (original title)

I've moved to Sweden from Bulgaria on 1st of July 2016 together with my wife and my 10 years old daughter.
I'm working on a permanent contract ever since then. We've registered with Skatterverket and have our Swedish personal numbers.
When applying for them we're told that we need to have a document from Bulgarian authorities which certifies that we no longer have health/social insurance there and without it we can't get child allowance for our kid neither EU health insurance cards in Sweden.
I've finally managed to get my form E104 from Bulgarian NHIF and I would now like to apply for child allowance (my half of course) and EU health insurance card.
Unfortunately I can't find how to do it online and the phone menus on your contact phones are only in Swedish. Do I also have to upload other documents - employment contract, income, working hours, etc.?
Could you please help me with this?

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  • Hello!

    There is no specific application for child allowance (barnbidrag). When both parents are registered with Försäkringskassan, then we will start the case for child allowance automatically. After receiving Swedish personal number from Skatteverket, you are not automatically registered in Försäkringskassan. To be registered one has to send us a registration application 5456. The application is available digitally or in paper form if a person does not have a Bank ID to fill it out online. Each parent of the child needs to fill out their own application. After they have been registered, the child will be automatically covered by insurance together with the parents.

    If you are employed, please send us also your employment contract and certificate E104 if you have it. The same applies to your wife. She will have to send her own form 5456 and certificate E104 from Bulgaria. If she is not employed, then no contract is needed of course.

    Please remember that if you want to apply for the EU card, you can write the request on the application 5456. If you forget to do it, you can always order EU card directly from our website but it will be possible only after the registration has been finalized.

    You do not need to upload documents about your income or working hours. It is not required during the registration. If you fill out the registration application 5456 digitally, through Mina Sidor, then you would have to send the rest of the documents (your employment contract and certificate E104) via post to the address:

    Försäkringskassans Inläsningscentral
    839 88 Östersund

    If you have more questions, you can always contact our Customer Centre for private individuals. To choose English, you can just say word English to the answering machine. If you do not say anything, you should be able to hear a message For English press 8.

    Best regards,
    Natalia Administrative officer
  • Hi Natalia!

    Thank you for your answer! I have two follow up questions:
    1. I have only found form 5456 in pdf format which I can't submit online. Where in My Pages I can locate the online version of the form?
    2.  Can I send a scanned copy of the documents required to a mail address of Försäkringskassan? In any case I'll not send you the original documents so it doesn't really make any difference.
    Boyan Kalinov
  • Hello,

    1. When you log in on My Pages, please scroll down and choose “Alla e-tjänster”, then click on “Övrigt” and choose the button “Lämna uppgifter för utredning av försäkringstillhörighet”

    2. Yes, you can send scanned documents to the following e-mail address:
    Do not forget to write the Swedish personal number on all the scanned documents.

    Best regards,
  • Hi,
    I am Spanish citizen and I moved to Sweden in August. My wife is from Belarus and we have a son who was born in Spain. Our son is 4 years old. All of us have personnummer. I am working in a company in Uppsala with permanent contract and my wife is not not working. I sent documents to försäkringskassan time ago. I can see on your website that you have my data. How can I apply to receive the child allowance? do I have the right?
    Jose - Luis
  • Hello Jose and Luis,

    In order to receive child allowance, first you both should be registered at Försäkringskassan. Since you have sent the documents we will process your registration case first in order to see if you are covered by the social insurance in Sweden and have rights to social benefits such as child allowance.

    There is no specific application for child allowance. Once your registration case is processed the case officer will see that you have a child and will send a message to the child allowance department to start the case automatically.

    Since it is a public forum and we need further details about your case, it is difficult to answer to your question. Please contact our Customer Centre for private individuals on the telephone number 0771-524 524 and press 8 for assistance in English. Alternative is that to book a call in Spanish here.

    Best regards,
  • Hello.
    I moved to Stockholm with my wife and 1-year-old son last autumn, and we already got personal number, registered at Försäkringskassan in last October. We also registered our bank accounts, but we have not received child allowance yet. How should we do?
  • Hi;

    Normally we start a child benefit case automatically once a parent and his/her child become registered with Försäkringskassan. Bear in mind that it can take around six months for you to become registered with us.

    If you have questions about your specific case you can call us on 0771-524 524 (option '8' for English).

    Best regards;
  • Hi,
     I am registered at the försäkringerkassan and now would like to register my wife and kid in order to avail barnbidrag and föräldprapenning.
    How long can it take to register my dependents given the fact that I am already registered?
  • Hello,
    Thank you for post.

    We might need to process the child’s registration in order to be able to continue with the child allowance (barnbidrag) and the application for parental benefit. We do not have specific / fixed processing time when it comes to registration but it might unfortunately take a long time.

    Best regards,
    Özge Administrative officer
  • Hi,

    Me and my family moved from EU country to Sweden in last year. I working in a company with permanent contract since March. Have two kids 6 and 8 years old. Everyone have swedish personal number and registered in Försåkningskassan. I also applyed for EU kort because I am travelling within europe due to my work. My question is how long does it take to receive the EU kort and when we can have some decision on the child allowance?
    Peter Kiss
  • Hello,
    Thank you for your question.

    Unfortunately the processing time for registration cases are very long at the moment. We do not have specific / fixed processing time when it comes to registration but it can take several months to get an EU-card and start receiving the child allowance.

    Best regards
    Özge Administrative officer
  • Hi, I moved and got registered in Sweden with my son in December 2017 am a single parent and have solo custody over my son since he was born. (His father name is not on a birth certificate either) both me and my son have personnummer also since December 2017 but until now I still don’t receive a barnbidrag after I contacted försäkringskassa in January 2019 I found out that I had not even been registered in försäkringskassa yet because nobody even hadn’t opened the case. Next day after that I was registered( I have been working and living in Sweden since December 2017 and my son goes to school here since the same time) after waiting 2 months I called again in March 2019 and asked then I got an answer that they are checking if my sons father is not getting barnbidrag on him from Finland ( we never lived together he has always been living in Finland and me and my son we lived in Estonia there’s no mark on him on a birth certificate there’s just me, and I gave all the info to försäkringskassa about it also that I’m single guardian of my son and that his father has no rights over him) so I reminded them again that I have single custody they were surprised just like they had not checked any documents I gave in 2017 December. Then I got letter from försäkringskassa to fill in some papers again although I already had filled the same papers and again they asked info about his father so I wrote there again that I have solo custody and now it’s the end of May and I am still not receiving any barnbidrag. There’s no info about how the case is going and why it’s taking so long. I’m an European citizen and my son has the right to get the barnbidrag am tired of calling and explaining same story over and over again. And then finding out that they are doing things they don’t have to do. They just need to read the papers contact Estonian social service to find out if I’m receiving barnbidrag from there or not. By the way I cancelled it in January 2018 because I did not think it will take more than a year to get it. My question is why is this taking so long and why they are doing an empty work instead of just reading the documents I’ve given and checking Estonian social service if I’m getting barnbidrag or not. Because it’s starting to feel like they’ve lost the documents that they got in December 2017 it’s abnormal.

  • Hello Raidi,

    Thank you for your post. Since this is a public forum we reply only to general questions.Therefore we recommend you to contact our Customer Center for private individuals on the telephone number 0771-524 524 (For english press 8) to get reply to your questions.

    Our telephone lines are open the following hours:

    Monday – Friday 8.00am — 4.00 pm

    Best regards

    Adem Administrative officer
  • Hi,

    Me and my wife both registered, and this month my wife received child benefit in her account and I received it as a voucher because I registered my account very late, my question is that if each of us should receive child benefit or just one? We only have one daughter and we live together
    Amir Reza Afsharian

  • Hello
    Thank you for your post. You can share the child allowance if you and and other parent have joint custody. If you have any questions or concerns about the matter above, please read frenquently asked questions here

    Best regards,
    Gobdine Administrative officer
  • hey.. me and my family have Jordanian citizinship.and we've been in Sweden for four months now.we came to sweden with work permanent for my husband and we have Swedish Permanent residencey.and we're taking child benefits.
    i wanna ask if i got back to Jordan for family matter. and took the children with me for about eight monthes . do i still have the child benefits? even if i came back to sweden every two monthes for a visit.
    do i have a maximam or period of time outside the country to lose their benefits?
    do i have to update my information in försäkringskassan??
    in Jordan.we don't take any child benefits or anyother benefits.
    thank you
  • Hello!

    Thank you for your post! Since this is a public forum where we reply only to general questions. We recommend you to contact our customer center in order to get reply to your questions. You can also read more information on Child allowance here.

    Contact us by calling to 0771 524 524 (for English press 8)

    Our telephone lines are open the following hours:
    Monday – Friday 8.00am — 4.00 pm,

    Best regards

    Adem Administrative officer
  • I come to sweden as a student with my wife.Later,i got work permit from a job and unable to continue study. Last year,my daughter born in sweden.Me and my wife applied for parental benefit.But,the case officer said my wife and my child is not insured in sweden so,they will not get parental benefit or child allowance.Case officer also said that, they need to be residence based insured in sweden to get all the question is that,i have 2 years work permit wife and daughter also have the visa for 2 years.why,they are not insured in sweden?
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your post. Since this is a public forum we reply only to general questions.Therefore we recommend you to contact our Customer Center for private individuals on the telephone number 0771-524 524 (For english press 8) to get reply to your questions.

    Our telephone lines are open the following hours:

    Monday – Friday 8.00am — 4.00 pm

    Best regards
    Gobdine Administrative officer

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