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Hej, I have applied for my & my family's registration at försäkringskassan. I have been told that registration process may take 10 months. Two of my children going to school. Will we get barnbidrag of my children from the date of submission of our registration-application OR from the date of decision? Secondly, my daughter is 16 years old & going to gymnasium. Will she also get studiebidrag errors from back date from CSN after registration with försäkringskassa?
(* we all have permanent residence permit)


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    Thank you for your post. The Swedish Social Insurance Agency has limited abilities to answer questions relating to individual cases on this forum. We therefore ask you to call us on 0771-524 524 (press 8 for English)

    Our telephone lines are open the following hours:
    Monday – Friday 8.00am — 4.00 pm,

    The decision concerning from which day you might be registered and from when you might receive child allowance depends on various different factors. You might be registered from an earlier date depending on the decision date for your residence permits and the child allowance might be paid from the month after provided that you have not received any allowance for your child / children.

    Concerning study allowance, you need to contact CSN.

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  • Hej

    Is there any age criteria for child and parental benefit

    please guide

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    Thank you for your post. You can read about about parental benefit here

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  • Hej

    I have two kids, elder one is 8 years old an younger one is 5 years old.
    I am a housewife. whether we can apply for child allowance and parental benefit

  • Hello Sunitha,

    Thank you for your post!

    In order to receive parental benefit or child allowance, first you should be registered at Försäkringskassan. You can fill in the registration application which is available in English ​​here.​​​

    There is no specific application for child allowance (barnbidrag). Once you are registered, the case officer will see under the family relations that you have a child and will send a message to child allowance department to start the case automatically after you have been registered.

    Parental Benefits can also be paid to someone who has never worked in Sweden or is unemployed. In order to apply for parental benefit, you can either log in on Mina Sidor and make the online application (if you have a Bank ID) or you can call our Customer Support in order to order the paper version of the application form which we can send it to your home address.

    You can read more about parental benefits here and child allowance here.

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    Hazan Administrative officer
  • Thanks for the information
  • Dear Hazan

    thanks for the information. My elder got admission for second grade and younger son for Dagis for the month of Sep 2019. Whether Parental benefits will be continued. kindly advise.
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    Thank you for your post. You can read about about parental benefit here

    Best regards,
    Helen Administrative officer
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