Care of Child with Covid-19

Hi, I just have one general question regarding VAB. I am employed and my wife is jobless. My wife receives parental benefit for taking care of my younger child. We have two kids one is under 1 year and second one is 2,5 year old. My second child become ill with Covid-19.

Am I entitled to receive a compensation for taking care of child in this case?

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  • Hello,

    Generally when one parent is already at home with one child the other parent cannot receive VAB for the other child. The first parent should be able to take care of both children.

    If you are not sick but you live with a family member that has covid-19 you can instead apply for Disease Carrier's benefit (smittbärarpenning).

    You can read more about it here.

    Best Regards,
    Barbara Administrative officer

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