My wife is house wife. She is pregnant 23 weeks almost. We have son 2 years and 9 months old full healthy and not sick. My wife is Hospitalized now. i need to take care of my son in home. Am i eligible to apply for VAB 50% and 50 % i am working from home remotely?
because my wife is sick and not taking care of my son. and i need to take care of my son.

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  • Hello,

    If you stay home from work with the child because the ordinary caregiver is sick, you are eligible to apply for VAB.

    You can apply for VAB 50% and then work 50% from home if your employer agrees with that.

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  • My wife is on parental leave and my child is just 5 months old. If my wife get sick and she is unable to take are of child. Can I take VAB to look after child during my wife sickness. And how my wife will report sickness to forsakringskassan if he sick for 4 days or if he sick for more than a week.

  • Hello,

    If the child is older than 240 days (8 months), you can apply for compensation for the care of a sick child (VAB). If the child is younger than 240 Days, you cannot take out temporary parental benefit (VAB), but you can take out parental benefit instead of other parent.
    Remember to submit a sickness report on the first sick day if you/other parent get sick and cannot take care of the child during the parental leave. More information about how to do this can be found here.

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