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Can I receive bostadsbidrag if I am an EU-citizen studying in Sweden?

Can I receive Bostadsbidrag if I am not a swedish Citizen? (original titel)

I am a EU-citizen student following a 2 years masters program in Sweden. Is it possible for me to apply for bostadsbidrag? I am registered at skatteverket and have a personnummer.

Also, when applying for bostadsbidrag, does money that I receive from relatives to support me in my studies count as income that I have to declare and how exactly is owing stock handled? Does it count as income if my stocks raise in value but I do not realize the gains by selling them?


  • Hello Bjarne,

    To be eligible for housing allowance (bostadsbidrag) you need to be covered by the Swedish social insurance. To know if you are covered, you need to submit your information in the form 5456 Registration information - Required to obtain social Insurance coverage.

    You can submit the form online here (in Swedish) if you have a Bank-ID or if not, you can print out the form here. In the assessment we look at factors such as are you receiving student aid and from which country, where does your family live, where do you live and how long are you planning to stay in Sweden.

    In the same time that you submit the registration form, you can submit your application for housing allowance. The application for housing allowance can be submitted electronically here (in Swedish) or by printing out the form here (in Swedish).

    Which income should be included in the application for housing allowance is stated on our website here under the title Income to be included. Investment income, such as interest on bank accounts and bonds, capital gains, and dividends from shares and mutual funds should be included. Money that you receive from relatives does not itself need to be included in the application. However, if that money is saved and your assetts exceed a total of SEK 100 000, then it again would need to be included.

    Best regards,

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