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Are parental benefits dependent on visa type?

Hi, I have been working in Sweden for more than two years and I am about to take my maternity leave in a few months.

For the past two years I was working on a dependent visa ( since my husband is working here).

Recently I have applied for a work permit (since I heard that the processiong time for the first work permit is faster).

Since I have been working here and paying taxes for 2 years can I get the parental benefits based on 80% of my salary ?

Does it matter if you were working on a dependent visa or your own work permit?

I believe the requirement is to work for 240 days before the estimated child birth to get 80% of basic salary. Isn't that right?

Kindly confirm since I do not want to miss out on my parental benefits due to change in my visa status.


  • Hi Anya!

    It does not matter if you were working on a dependent visa or on work permit. What matters is if you are covered by Swedish social insurance. Information about how to register at Försäkringskassan is available here.

    You can find answer for your second question here.

    Best regards,

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