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Apply for parental benefit for past dates

We came to sweden in 2014 for first time. I was not employeed then. My child was born in 2013 in India. We got 480 days of leave then. I consumed 135 days of leave at 250kr/day level.

Now, we arrived in sweden on 28th feb 2018. i started working from 22nd may 2018.
I want to apply for parental benefit for the period i was not working. 28 feb to 21 may 2018. Can i apply it now ?
I didn't apply before because, i thought i will get job and then i can get parental benefit at income level.
But there is a rule, that since i was not working in sweden before my child was born, we have to take first 180 days of leave for which we recieve 250 sek/day, only then my current income will be considered.
I learnt that rule now, so i want to apply for parental benefit for past 28 feb to 21may 2018?
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