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Am I registered at Swedish Social Insurance Agency?

Am I registered i den Svenskasocialförsäkringen? (Original title)

Some time ago I went to the dentist and he noticed that I was not registered. I thought there was no need to register since I am an EU-citizen. And I NEVER was told by the university that I had to personally take care of it. Anyway, some days later I received a letter from Försäkringskassan, asking me to fill in a form to register and so I did. More than a month has passed now but I haven't got any reply and I don't actually know if I finally am registered or not. How can I check? Also, will the money that I already have spent to the dentist (before being registered) count somehow or not?


  • Hello Elisabetta,

    The general rule is that you can be registered only when you apply for something. If you will ever be in need of benefits from Försäkringskassan like for example EU card, dental services, sickness benefit or parental benefits, you need to register yourself at Försäkringskassan to receive those benefits.

    We generally do not send any specific letter informing a person that they have been registered. We would send you a letter concerning registration only if we decide not to register you for various reasons that would be described in the letter.
    When the registration is completed, we start the processing work with the applications for the various benefits a person has applied for. In your case, we would contact the dental care department about your registration.

    Since it is a public forum and we need further details about your case, it is difficult to answer to your question. Please contact our Customer Centre for private individuals on the telephone number 0771-524 524 and press 8 for assistance in English. You can get information about if you have been registered and from which date. If the registration was made from the day that you had the first dental treatment you can contact your dentist to see if you can get reimbursement.

    If you would like to know more about dental care in Sweden, the information is available here and here.

    Opening hours of Customer Centre: Mon-Fri: 8:00-16.00, Sat-Sun closed

    Best regards,
  • Referring to your response above - I have submitted my application 3 years ago and I have not been informed anyhow that my application has been declined, and I have found out it accidentally today. I have, however, received minor health care support as based on S1. I also did not know that when getting a permanent employment in Sweden a person himself has to apply for FK, and not the employer, as it is in the other EU countries. As I have applied 3 years ago, and FK failed to inform me, I assumed I am insured, so did not really investigate the issue further. Apparently, I am not insured anywhere now.
    The question is: can I be compensated by Försäkringskassan afterwards if under acute health condition I would I seek medical care in another EU country (due to long queues in Sweden) assuming my new application for Swedish insurance is positively accepted, but after the payment fact)?
  • Hello,

    You are generally insured in Sweden if you work or live in Sweden. You do not need to report to or register with Försäkringskassan before you apply for a compensation, a certificate or in your case, the EHIC card.

    If you will be covered by the Swedish Social Insurance, yes, you can apply for compensation from us afterwards if you become acutely sick while you are abroad. Here you can read more about applying for retrospective compensation. Make sure you save the receipts and medical documents in original in order to send them to Försäkringskassans inläsningscentral, 839 88 Östersund with the application.

    Best regards,
    Özge Administrative officer
  • Hello

    I just wanna know am I registered in försäkringkassa for dentalboard or Doctor?
  • Hi;

    Since this is a public forum we cannot give you information about your specific case. If you want to check if you are registered with us, you can call us on 0771-524 524 (choice '8' for English) and we will check in the system.

    Please remember that if you need to go to a doctor, you do not need to be registered with Försäkringskassan. It is enough that you are registered with Skatteverket as living in Sweden, and that you have a Swedish personal number.

    Best regards;
  • Hi,
    I have a working contract in Sweden and i study here (I am originally from Germany).
    Försäkringskassan told me I should register for being covered by health insurance and to get an EHIC, even when I have a job. I got informed that it takes up to !10! month to be registered. But since I already work here, pay taxes and my German health insurance released me, I am not covered at all.
    Shouldn't I be automatically  covered when I have a Swedish employe?
    If not, could the process get somehow accelerate since I don't have an insurance at all now?
    From what point on can I get this fomular E104 (my German insurance needs it)

    Thank you
  • Hello,

    As a person working in Sweden you are not automatically registered in Försäkringskassan and covered by insurance in Sweden. To be registered you have to send us the registration application 5456 and we have to do the necessary investigations.

    Please be advised that you are entitled to healthcare under the same conditions as other residents of Sweden if you are registered as a resident in Sweden and have a Swedish personal id number (personnummer). This means that you pay the regular Swedish patient fee for all care.

    If you need E104 please call our customer center and we will make a note on your case.

    Since it is a public forum, it is difficult for us to answer to questions regarding specific cases. We therefore recommend that you call our Customer Service for further questions on telephone number 0771 524524 and press 8 to get connected to the English line.

    Our telephone lines are open the following hours:

    Monday – Friday 8.00am — 4.00 pm,

    Best regards,

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