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Am I entitled to be paid parental benefit?


I came here about 3years ago with marriage visa. I renewed my visa once about a year ago. I've got a job as a contract position, not a permanent position from Feb 2017. (I've been working about three months.)
I read through your website, but some points are unclear to me.

Now, we're planning to have a baby. If I get pregnant now, am I entitled to paid maternity leave and parental benefit?


  • Hello!

    The general rule is that when a child is born the parents have 480 days of parental benefit available for the child. The first 180 days that parents apply for have specific conditions.

    First of all, those days need to be on S-level (sjukpenningnivå). The second rule says that if a parent is employed those first 180 days on S-level can be paid out based on the current income but only if the parent that is applying for those days has been employed for 8 months before the child was born and if that parent's yearly income was at least 82 100 SEK.

    The parent applying for parental benefit would also need to have a right to a yearly income (SGI) to be able to be paid based on that yearly income. One has a right to SGI if they are employed for at least 6 months or the employed can be considered to be ongoing for at least 6 months. For example a person has worked only 4 months but the contract is signed for 6 months and the person is still employed. In such case we can expect that the employment will continue and the person would have right to the SGI.

    After the first 180 days of parental benefit has been use for the child, the parents can apply for days on both S or L level if they wish to and the condition of being employed for at least 8 months before the birth of child with specific minimum income is not required anymore.

    If a parent does not fulfill the condition of employment before the birth of the child, then the benefit could be paid on a basic level which is 250 SEK per day before tax.

    If you would like to count how much money you would be able to receive for parental benefit based on your current income, you can always use our online function called Kassakollen available here.

    More information is available in English here.

    Best regards,
    Natalia Administrative officer

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