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Activity Grant when A-kassa is still processing

I am taking part in a Stöd och matching programme organised by Arbetsformedlingen.  They have told me to apply for Aktivitetsstöd at Forsakringskassan.  The difficulty is that my akassa still haven't made a decision on my case so I presume any money I receive from Forsakringskassan is going to be the basic minimum, rather than what I should be getting (80% of the daily earnings).  I have claimed for one day in June already, which is showing as a preliminary basic payment.  Is it better for me not to claim anymore Aktivitetsstöd from you until I have a decision from my akassa on my case?  Or will Forsakringskassan be talking to them anyway to find out what to pay me?  Thanks so much for your help.
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  • Hello,

    It is important that you apply for Activity grant (Aktivitetsstöd) properly on time and for correct period. If we don't have information from your A-kassa then we will pay you the basic amount as you mentioned.
    But if A-kassa sends us correct information and the period for which you fullfill conditions for A-kassa we will make an additional payment for you automaticaly to even out your previous payments.

    Best Regards,

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