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About apply for my accompany insurance

Hi dear sir/madam
My wife and I arrived in Sweden 11th august. I study at Lund university and have study residence permit and my wife accompanies me and has accompany residence permit. I am insured by the university but my wife does not have any insurance here in Sweden. Regarding our visa period that is about 11 months, we are not entitled to have Swedish Personal Number because Tax Agency told us the least residence period must have be 12 months to get personal number. Although we want to stay more than one year in Sweden, we can not have personal number since I apply for extend our visa which is be more than one year and we will be entitled to receive personal number.
-Is my wife entitled to apply to get your insurance as long as we have persunnummer?
-Could you please guide me how she can benefit health services if needed.
Our main concern is only about urgent and problematic medical conditions.
Best regards


  • Hello!

    Thank you for your post. Please be advised that health insurance and social insurance are two separate systems in Sweden. Försäkringskassan is the agency that is responsible for the social insurance.
    Having a personal identification number (personnummer) means that, you are registered in Sweden as resident. By this registration (folkbokföring), you are covered by the health insurance in Sweden and entitled to medical care under the same terms as others who live in Sweden. This means that you pay the standard Swedish patient fee for medical care and the regular fee for dental care in the public healthcare system. If you have any questions concerning medical care and dental care in Sweden, please contact Landstinget (Region).

    Best regards,
    Tighisti Administrative officer

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