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Can I get reimbursed for a treatment I have received in or from another country?

A doctor from another is treating me: How can I get be compensated from my expenses (Original title)

I was treated by therapist here in Sweden but It was not sufficient for the language gap so after going on sock leave I am treated by a therapist from another country through Skype sessions and I have receipts fro these sessions. I am wondering how I could get compensation for this treatment.


  • Hello Argyri,

    You can always send us the application afterwards for retrospective compensation for treatment abroad so a case officer can make an assessment in your particular case.

    The application and additional information is available here. Please be aware that the treatment you have received must have been conducted by a health care professional within a EU/EEA country.

    With the application form you also need to send us the medical documentation such as:

    • medical records and other documents indicating what treatment you have received abroad,

    • medical records indicating what treatment you received or were offered in Sweden for your condition,

    • the original receipts or final invoices.

    Best regards,

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