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Requesting for A1/E101 certificate

I live and work in Sweden since 2014.
To avoid double payment of social security here and in greece, where i come from, I need to send to Greece a certificate of A1 type (the greek authorities requested this specifically, with original signatures) that states that i am registered in Sweden and paying social security here.
I have obtained this document from Försäkringskassan before, but it was starting that it is valid until end of 2017. So now i need to bring a new one to the greek authorities.
How do I apply for this? The customer center said that I should search and find a 6220 application form, but I could not find something like this in the website.
In your website forum, it seemd howeve r that if one has gotten the same certificate in the past, the procedure of obtaining an extension of the same document is simpler )ordered by phone). Could you point out how to proceed?

Thank you for your assistance,

Stavros Papadokonstantakis Report inappropriate content


  • Hello,

    If you wish to obtain certificate A1 again from Sweden then you need to apply for it by sending us, form 6220 (request for A1/E101 certificate or convention certificate) which can be found here.
    The process is the same even though that you are re-applying for a new period.
    You can also find more information here about working in several countries within the EU / EEA or Switzerland.

    Best regards


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