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10 days parental leave (10 dagar pappa ledig)

I have two jobs earning almost same salary from both. That is to say i get a double salary (LÖN) . Försäkringskassan asked me to send in certificate of employment(arbetsgivarintyg) from both jobs which i did. Both stating the percentage of employment. One of my job is full time (100%) employment. The other job i get a salary of more than full time my regular job.

I have been home for 10 days parental leave, taking care our baby. Staying away from both jobs and even away from extra times which I was called to put in.
My SGI inkomst is 460,000kr above. How
Is it possible that i see on my specificatipn or payslip(specifikation) that i get 7300kr after tax?

Do I just get paid for one of my jobs or how is this being calculated?
Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Jay,

    You get nearly 80 per cent of your income if you take out parental benefit seven days a week. Your maximum SGI amount that is considered when taking out parental days is an annual salary of 443 000 kr/year, which equals a maximum daily payment of 942 kr per day before taxes for 2016. To review a fact sheet about current amounts for 2016, please click here.
    If you would like have more detailed information about how your SGI has been calculated, please call our customer centre at telephone number 0771- 524 524 and press 8 to be connected to the English line.

    Best regards,


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