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10 days leave for father at birth of Child while the Child will be born in Non-EU country.


I use this English customer-forum as the Swedish customer-forum is not working now.
I am a Swedish citizen and my wife has a Permanent residence permit and is an Indian citizen. Right now we are staying in Sweden.
I am working in Sweden and both of us are covered by the Swedish social insurance. My wife's delivery is due on last week of March. Due to a family-ceremony, my wife will travel to India next month and plans to have her delivery in India. Can I take 10days parental leave (10 dagars ledighet- tillfällig föräldrapenning) to visit my wife and our new-born baby.
My wife and new-born baby plan to travel back to Sweden during July.

Is it possible to take 10-dagars ledighet to visit my wife and our Child even if my wife and child will be Outside EU Until July?
From one of the below questions in Customer forum, I see that it is possible. So I wanted to check with you..

what documents are needed in this case??
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  • Hello Rav,
    thank you for your post.
    If you are covered by the social insurance, yes, you might get the compensation for 10-days of leave. Before you leave, you must fill out a form in order to inform Försäkringskassan that you are going to apply for compensation outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland. The form can be found here.

    Your need to receive a birth certificate and send it to Försäkringskassan with your application for 10-days. You can receive the application form via calling our customer center. You should also send a copy of the birth certificate to Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency).
    You can contact us on the telephone number 0771-524 524 and press #8 for assistance in English.
    Kind regards,

    Fredrik Administrative officer
  • Hi,

    Thanks a lot for your response.
    So I need to Fill-out and send the Application Form before I take the 10-days leave. Is that correct?
    Do I need to send the Birth-certificate immediately and can i send it later after one or two weeks. I ask this because sometimes Birth-certificate will take a few days.

    what other documents I need to send along with this application.

    Thanks in advance for your timely response.
    Rav K
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your post. You should send the form FK 7430 together with the application for 10 days before traveling and afterward the birth certificate.

    Best regards,

    Gobdine Administrative officer

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